Non-dual Enlightenment teachings. 

Giving the gifts of the true self to life. 

With Colleen-Joy

Enlightenment is not only for beautiful saints. Enlightenment belongs in an ordinary life, wearing sandals or heels, in hospitals and boardrooms, in relationships and in work.

On the path of enlightenment your Soul moves through natural seasons.

 The Winter of SufferingThe Autumn of Seeking. The Spring of Spiritual Awakening and the Summer of Spiritual Enlightenment.

  Enlightened Apple Tree (E.A.T.) from Colleen-Joy offers a blog full of regular teachings, courses, artwork and meditations to help you in each season of your soul. A Season can last a day or years, they cycle and deepen as your soul flowers in self-knowledge.

Which Season is your Soul in?

The Apple Tree is Colleen-Joy’s symbol for your True Self. Each Season of the Soul offers us an opportunity for enlightenment, to learn how to know the true I and see with our true eyes. 



When you experience Suffering you are in a soul winter.

What can greatly support us is knowing how to build an inner sanctuary through meditation and mindfulness and doing inner healing work.

When we are brought to our knees, we might open. In the opening is the opportunity. Use suffering to open.

Just as winter causes contraction, our soul winters can be painful. In the suffering of the soul lies gifts, we might finally turn inwards to seek sanctuary in the warm light of truth. 

If you find your heart and mind in the grips of a soul winter, then it can be very supportive to learn how to build yourself a soul sanctuary. These teachings and meditations are here to help your healing, that you may walk with dignity through the dark cold nights of the soul. 



The soul is in it’s autumn when you find yourself questioning and seeking the truth.
What can support you in this phase is intuition and self enquiry

“Who am I?”, “What is the purpose of my life?” these are important questions that burn in the soul.

Like the autumn winds that shake the Apple Tree and force it to let go of the outworn leaves, we too must be shaken sometimes to shed the leaves of our false beliefs. 

Beliefs like, “I am only what I see in the mirror.” Beliefs like, “I am my thoughts.”

If you find your mind questioning. If you are discarding what you thought was true, then your soul might be in an Autumn. This is a sacred opportunity to practise self-enquiry. To let go of the old false beliefs that no longer serve, especially about who you are. Here are teachings and meditations to support your Soul Autumn.


Spiritual Awakening.

Spiritual Awakening is the Soul’s Spring.

What can help during self realisation is to understand the nature of the nondual self and not be confused by the process of enlightenment. 

Spiritual Awakening is a sacred natural gift. To open the soul to the true I and Eyes, to see and be the true self, liberated from the tyranny of the false, this is enlightenment. 

To seek spiritual truth is like a spring time for our souls. Like blossoms opening to the light, we flower, ready to gather self knowledge. When the soul opens to self knowledge it becomes a radiant embodiment of the true non-dual self.

Know yourself as pure non-dual awareness, this is the self. Also know you arise as a soul. Your soul is a gift of love that makes it possible to visit the universal library of life and harvest knowledge. Over lifetimes, your soul matures in wisdom so that one day it might be able to enter the spring of awakening to the most sacred of all knowledge, the knowledge of the self. To rest, finally home, knowing it is the self it was seeking. These teachings and meditations are to support spiritual awakening.


Spiritual Enlightenment.

Our Soul is in its Summer when it reflects the light of the nondual self, embodying enlightenment in daily life. 

What can assist here is understanding how to live enlightened truth and reconcile spirituality with ordinary life. 

God is my eyelashes, my heartbeat, the sky and it dances with itself as love. 

To know that source, god, universe is not separate to the self, is the summer of the soul.

To know this is to bow in gratitude for finally the god of all traditions, free of dogma, is intimately known, nameless and named, formless and in form, not as an idea but as life itself. Just as an apple tree grows and then gives, so the soul naturally moves into service in its summer. 

These teachings and meditations support the embodiment of non-dual seeing. The living of enlightenment. 

Know thy Self

We are looking for what we are looking from.

Non-dual self-knowledge is intuitively available in every moment. It is a gift of grace. It is, for some of us, the prize of all lifetimes. Self-knowledge is offered here with love using the metaphor of the seasons of the soul, the seasons of the apple tree. 

Instead of endlessly eating the fruit of self-ignorance, which makes it appear that the self is separate, inviting suffering and conflict, we can choose instead to eat of the fruit of self-knowledge. Through self-knowledge we discover that all mind-walls are illusions, that there is only the self. 

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