“Life didn’t let me live in a cave, it was my destiny to be kicked out.

My soul taught me while I bled in hospitals as a child facing death. My soul taught me while I cried myself to sleep as a suicidal teen. My soul taught me when I picked up a paintbrush to capture its song. My soul taught me when I cried myself to sleep facing the trials of being a young mother with a sick baby.

My soul taught me to stop being spiritually arrogant. My soul taught me to overcome crippling shyness. My soul taught me how to use intuition to see through truth of what we are. My soul was and is my guru. 

I would bleed and break a thousand times over again for the gifts of this pure love.”

About Colleen-Joy’s Enlightened Apple Tree 

If you’ve ever asked these important questions, then this body of work is offered to you with love:

  • Who am I?
  • What is my purpose? 
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • What and where are the soul, god and the true self?

Welcome. Sit at the campfire of my heart and let’s sing a song together. A song of remembrance, truth and the return home to the self. 

This work is my gift of love. It’s the space where I share with you everything I know about how to find and integrate non-dual vision into an ordinary life. This work supports the courage it takes to live, love and work as the non-dual self in everyday life.

May the truth do its job, to bring freedom, peace, love and joy to life and to the world.


With love,


Colleen-Joy’s Bio

  • Founder and author of the international brands InnerLifeSkills® and Enlightened Apple Tree®.
  • Colleen-Joy has delivered over 900 presentations over 25 years, around the world – from South Africa, Singapore, New York, Chicago, London, Colorado to Namibia.
  • Colleen-Joy has been an expert guest lecturer for Duke University (Corporate Education) and Rhodes University. 
  • 2 Documentary television features were made about her life (Bloudruk and Journey to the Core).
  • She has been an expert guest on various television and radio shows for over 15 years.
  • Colleen wrote a feature column for Namaste magazine for 5 years. 
  • Author of ICF ACTP internationally ICF ACTP accredited ILS Master Coach Course.
  • 3 times Published Author.
  • Professional Artist.
  • Professional Speaker.
  • MCC ICF Credentialled Professional Life and Business Coach.
  • FAMSA Lay counsellor.
  • Lover of natural wild open spaces, big sky views and living forests.

To contact Colleen-Joy for giving non duality talks, or to learn about her various courses contact her here.

What Colleen-Joy says about her teachers: 

“My first teacher was death, then intuition and then art—in that order. I was, by grace, blessed to find my inner teacher’s voice around the age of 9. All external teachers that I found later were tested by my inner teacher and had to be in alignment to be accepted. This was difficult and lonely at first—until I found that my inner teacher had the same voice as all true non-dual teachers.

 I’ve had the immense privilege of learning from and working with these esteemed teachers Pam Roux, Lionel Berman, Jann Weiss (USA) and Michael Newton (USA), see photo. Other important influences for which I am immensely grateful include Radhakrishna, Adyashanti and Rupert Spira.

My heart is never without the words of Nisargadatta, the poetry of Rumi and the art of Vincent van Gogh.”

The Enlightened Apple Tree

The apple tree is born from life, as life. It moves by life’s design according to the ebb and tides of life.

Our bodies, minds and souls are like apple trees.

They are born by life’s designs according to the ebb and tides of life.

Songs of the universe.

Songs singing themselves as life.

An enlightened apple tree is an apple tree whose being is radiant with the truth. The truth is reflected in the apple tree and therefore the apple tree and its function can operate in the world uninhibited.

When our body-minds are flooded with truth, our purpose and function in the world can move intuitively and uninhibited. No more ignorance. No more inner war. 

It is our apple tree’s duty to be an apple tree, to the best of its ability. It is an act of grace and love that wakes the apple tree from its sleep so that it can rise to the full stature of its being.

To see and be as the true self, expressed in life as life.

This is the highest love. 

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