What is God, Ego and artist?

What is God, Ego and artist?


What is God?

What is this that moves universes, thoughts and body?

Find the true divine living source of life.

God is a word, a word used like a bullet in the loaded gun of ignorant humans to inflict violent bigotry and mental hostage taking on the masses.

God, this word. This label.

How I used to loath the word. For how it was abused and used to serve the blind hearts of man. Shall we fight over the word? And commit the greatest of sins, to miss the mark of the truth and be blinded by ignorant dogma.

Oh true God, thank you for not caring about good and evil, but for holding both tenderly in the heart of your cosmic knowledge.

Thank you for not being a word or a religion.

Thank you for being that which can only truly be known in the clarity and enlightenment of your angel servantthe soul.

Life. God. Love. The same. The outbreath of silence becomes song. The form of the formless becomes the universe. The same and yet one appears to move and the true never moved, nor ever will.

God. I find you in the fragile snowflake and the mighty savannas, in the call of the elephant and the death of a star.

You are knowledge. Sacred, miraculous knowledge of all.

The knowledge of eyelashes, heartbeats, breath, clouds, blades of grass, ants, guns, bullets, blindness, light, planets, fingers, atoms, energy.

A rose by any name smells as sweet, as long as you know its scent.

I know your scent god. Thank you for not being a man sitting on a cloud, with the type of  personality that I would never invite into my life, or even for dinner. 

Thank you for revealing yourself, for being that which beats this heart so that I may eat at the banquet of your knowledge buffet called life.

I am in awe at the master code maker, you that weaves knowledge into a universe. You, cosmic mother who birthed my beloved soul. So that as I gazed at the universe, I would not get lost in the movie of becoming, you would send me my soul, and other great teacher souls to hold a clear radiant mirror for me, that my mind would assimilate the true knowledge of the self.

I now understand the religious ecstasy of saints and servants who know you as you truly are.


What is the ego?
What is this idea of the self that hides the true self?

Be free of the self-image, find the real.

Ego, self-image, the mind program (ideas) of a separate self. You are a tricky one. I don’t speak to you, because I have come to see through your mirage.

Beware the mind and its ego creation, ever in search of claiming itself to be the power and controller of life. Ever seeking a way to dominate and assert its false authorship. making itself a false god.

Through the lens of the separate self, the universe is perceived as a moving mass of separate objects that dance in patterned chaos.

Through the lens of the separate self, it seems as if the body is moving, mind is moving, thoughts are moving, life is moving… and since the movement causes experiences of pain or pleasure to the body mind, we look for the puppet master to try to negotiate or win the power to direct the movements.

The body is designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain as a survival program.

Mind is designed to serve either the body or the soul, whichever we have attention on.

The ego, mind program, is falsely thought to be the puppet master, the controller and mover of life. This false separate self, as a collection of ideas, when believed, seeks to control, direct, and even claims to create life according to its desires.

All of which are not true. Ego is the false idol of god.

The separate self, ego program might admit (using logic), that it has no power over the movement of stars and tidal waves (this ego assigns to a greater power or random forces). But where ego does claim it’s power, is over the body and mind.

Ego sings of its dominion and domination.

It also tries to control other body minds, and its environment. Ever greedy, ever seeking, it is a mind ‘pacman’, hungry to consume, own and control objects.

To win the game it asserts is own purpose for life – always a seeking game. To drive the game, it sustains and reinforces that lie, that you are not whole, and that you need objects (people, things, words, experiences) to become whole.

Awareness, the true self is not a puppet master.

There is no puppet master. Life automatically moves, by its design, for the purpose of existing.

Life is in love with itself. It cares for itself, and is equal to both pain and pleasure.

It is equal to apparent creation and destruction, apparent birth and death.

When you drop the lens of the ego separate self, and know what is seeing, know what is knowing, you discover the trick. There is no separate self.

There are only objects appearing in awareness. And awareness is not the puppet master of objects because objects are not separate either. There is ‘no-thing’ to control or to puppeteer.

Thank you to the knowledge that revealed that all of life is moving automatically, by design, by grace, to exist, in love with itself. That life is god, and life is love. These are verbs in awareness. 



What is doing life?
Who is the doer?

Be free of the false doer identity.

Doer, another tricky one.

What a burden – to have once believed that I was the doer of life. That people existed and that they were also doers. The pain and weight of it were never far behind any thrill of falsely believing in “control”.

To be a doer, is to fight with life, to push and to assert a personal will, to strive and to always fail. 

Death will win. Life in its violent dance will rip the carpet from beneath the ego’s clinging to power.

Pacman’s greed will eat and eat and eat, level up, level up, level up – to what end?

And don’t be fooled, (like I was once) into that pacman only craves material things to eat. Pacman is any seeking, any compulsive longing, driven by a feeling of incompletion and inner lack.

Awareness doesn’t care either way if the body lives like a king or a pauper, all is experienced equally. Loves all.

Only the mind, the creator of the inner pacman ego, separate self, seeks endlessly. Even seeking spirit, enlightenment, experiences, love. These are spiritual pacman, and they often feel superior to material pacman, but they are all pacman.

Oh pacman, how you taunted me. I played your game. Seeking lovers to adore me, to fill the vacancy and have the job of making me feel beautiful. Seeking solitude to hide from the noise of used to feel like a hostile world. Seeking truth through endless studies and by endlessly sampling the wares of the spiritual market place.

No pacman is better than any another. They all arise from the false belief that we are doers and as doers, that we can find what seems to be missing. Lost and found, hide and seek.

All the while sly fox, you my beloved true self was never lost, never hidden, I only needed to look from where I was looking from.

To find myself as the knower, seer and awareness of all objects. The taste of that was enough to end the reign of ego pacman. Its death blow was to realise that life is the doer, and it does all apparent doing automatically by design, by grace.

God as life is the doer. Life moves automatically by design. Look how the apple tree grows, how birds fly, how eyelashes fall, how thoughts rise, how souls are born. This is the doer. This is god-life-love dancing. 

Thank you to life for making me exhausted.

How many lifetimes of having and losing, of being this and that – rich, poor, healthy, ill, attractive, ugly, famous, nobody, and death always to level the game.

Thank you for making the merry-go-round of life lose its luster. So that my mind would stop seeking and surrender finally to the self.

Beware of giving the mind the truth of their being “no doer”. Bring in true love and the deep seeing of truth, or else ego can hijack this as a concept, and rob you of the joy of life’s spontaneous, intuitive dance.

Life is the nondual self, dancing as emptiness, singing as silence, moving as that which never moves, spaceless space, timeless time.

God, life, the knowledge of the cosmos is the doer, it moves as love, destroying and birthing forms as the formless non-dual face of reality.


What is the experiencer?
What is the experience?

Know the experience as the knower, as awareness.

How far are you from the experience of this moment? Only a trick of the mind, and the ignorance of your true self, keep you believing than the experience is somewhere else.

The feel of your body breathing, the sounds of the world, the colours of life’s dance – all appear in you as awareness. The experience is not separate from you.

The experience is you. Intimately. And when we look, feel, taste, heard, touch without the lens of the mind in the way, without a separate self to interfere with our perception of the knowledge of objects tasted, felt, touched, heard – we realize that we are the experience, experiencer and the objects.

That ultimately all knowledge (which objects are made of) arises within the knower of the knowledge. Together, as the nondual reality, as the nondual self.

The experience of now, can only exist now. It is life touching life. Life in love with life.

Thank you god for letting me see through your eyes, so that I could experience that all apparently physical objects are made of you. And thank you for showing me that “colleen” was just a concept in the ancient apparent mind.

A mind that appears to veil and wall the creation from the creator, but can never divide the undivided. 

What must we be that we are capable of truly knowing god? What must we be that we are able to know the knowledge of the creation?

We must be ordinary, actionless, non-dual awareness. Experience, knower, seer and seen. This is not a belief. It is known and experienced whether the body and mind are in a temple or watching TV. 



What is the artist of life?
What is art?

Be life as an artist.

Thank you death for being my first teacher. You showed me home, and that the body was not my true home.

Thank you artist eyes, for teaching me to see that all objects are beauty, when mind does not filter our perception.

Thank you artist, for teaching this mind body patient looking, still seeing, and meditative artistry.

Mind how you used to trick me, into thinking there was such a thing as good or bad art.

Into believing that I was the artist, and that art was something that Colleen did. How you tortured me when I believed in a ‘me’, and when I wrestled with being or not being worthy to call myself an artist.

How when my art was measured, how I felt measured. Weighed for merit and worth.

What an excellent teacher you were. Thank you life, grace, for the path of the artist. And for showing me that there are no nouns, no pronouns, only verbs.

Life is the artist.

Forgive me for using words of ignorance to be of service to life as life. For saying untruths like “I am an artist, mother, business owner, person” when I know the truth, that “artist”, “mother”, “businesswoman”, and even “person” are verbs. Life is living as life, there are no separate selves.

Thank you life, for taking care of artist, mother, businesswoman and person.

The art that life creates through this body mind, holds the energy and transmission of truth with great love. So that all who come to experience and see the art are given the opportunity to see themselves – as non-dual awareness. This is grace, this is what life as colleen-joy is in service to.

Visit my online art gallery.

What is the body, mind, soul and self?

What is the body, mind, soul and self?

When seeking answers to questions like, “What is the body?”, “What is the mind?”, “What is the soul?” and how it this different to the non-dual self? it can be confusing.

Here are some non-dual insights to assist.


What is body?

What is this small universe that I see in the mirror?

Be free of the false body identity.

Oh how I love this colony of life forms. All dancing, dying and living as a small universe of life. Body, I’m sorry that I thought you were mine.

I’m sorry that I cried over your shape and your struggle to exist.

I’m sorry that I took you so personally, hated you, adorned you, and used you to hunt for approval.
I’m sorry I saw you as a separate thing. A fragile thing. A broken thing. An ugly thing. An object to perfect, to possess. I’m sorry. But I carry no guilt, for I know that you and my soul were born for each other. I’m so glad you met and fell in love.

Thank you for serving me in this expression of life. To have the privilege of bleeding, birthing, bathing and being in the world that is in me.

Thank you for your innocence. For working tirelessly to exist in this cosmic dance of life.

Body, you belong to life. 

I know you now and always as the play of life, appearing in my delight and discovery. I know you as the formless, the same as the one true self.

I thought you were solid, a burden, a prison, and now I cannot find the edge of you, I only find you as love, and I recognize that love as me.

You are a miracle, no less than the stars and the cosmos that birthed you.


What is mind?
What is this hall of mirrors that become windows?

Be free of the false identity of mind.

Mind, how we have played you and I?

Games of lost and found. Games of magician and audience.

Hello old friend. How I have enjoyed your movies of madness, your songs of seeking and your photo albums of so many lifetimes.

I see now that you exist to hold this figment of my imagination into focus. So that I might be entertained by the virtual projections of light and dark that you label as life.

I cannot find that you are anywhere but inside of me, a whisper, a ghost of echoes of past and dreams of tomorrow. You were my great trickster teacher, in all your ancient glory as the move maker of god.

I find you now, as you truly are. And see your innocence also.

Your function is woven into the very fabric of the cosmic dance of life. For it to dance, you exist.

Your tapestry of illusion had my soul intoxicated for eons. It’s been a ride. A magic carpet ride. To have believed you, was to believe in your story weaving, spell of dreams.

The nightmares were the price of the fairytales. I see how you always take the form of two, you are duality itself.

You never dance only in the light, but always in its shadow also. This is the nature of you. Your function. To give each up a down. And each in an out. The maze builder, wall builder, master illusionist. Mind. 

Oh my trickster software mind, my personalized search engine and operating system, made from the ancient coding, by god, the holy code master.

I’ve enjoyed seeing you upgraded, enhanced and have loved your translation function. Thank you for helping bring to this form, the formless truth.

Though your limitations have been challenging, and your spell intoxicating, now you are a gift. Illuminated by the code of truth, you no longer have the power to crucify my heart.

Your veiling and projecting is dazzling, but I see through you now and am not held captive by you.

Like a window that was muddy, you were cleaned by grace.

I first thought that you held me captive, but then found that you could not contain or touch me. Now you play your movies and I see them, but I have fallen in love with reality and movies just aren’t that interesting anymore. It’s been a ride.


What is soul?
What is this traveler who came to kiss my cheek and illuminate my mind with liberating truth?

Look into the mirror of the soul and see through soul eyes, then realise you are even free of this seeing.

Soul, I gave you many names. You were my mysterious invisible friend, when my young child heart broke a thousand times under the weight of ignorance.

You came to show me that I was not flesh. That I could not die. That the mystery and magic were real.

You showed me that I was not in a prison of mind or skin, that I was something free. Free to know any place, and space and time. That with your help I could tune in to the songs of all life, that distance, time and space were not my master.

Dear friend, beloved, sat guru, all truth, all gifts have been yours to give. My love for you is matched only by my gratitude.

Thank you for enduring countless body deaths, that you might ripen to be able to open like a soul flower to the sunlight of the source.

Thank you for being the clear, luminous mirror that like the moon reflects the sunlight, you cast your presence over this body mind and helped me find my way in the darkest of nights.

My heart still weeps at the thought of what a treasure you are. Thank god for this soul, for its beauty, its intimate radiant silent friendship.

Oh traveler, eternal wander, what jewels of knowledge you have gathered in your quests. How you have endured the pain of breaking gods laws of dharma to then ripen in the karmic chains and sting of life’s whiplash.

I see now that you are the nearest to me as formlessness. A miracle gift of life, to make sure that we’d never get lost for long, in this play of creation.

My body-mind saw through your eyes and knew home.

You showed me that it was possible to tune in to all songs of life, and to harvest knowledge from any time, any place, any space.

You were leading me on the path to the greatest of all treasures. To know that I am the knower of knowledge, and you are the knowledge bearer and mirror to the self.

May you find rest now, having being born of god to travel the universe and live countless births and deaths, to become the clear radiant mirror of the self.

Loved soul, beloved, this life is yours. As you are the custodian of gods will, now purified by truth, untainted by personal ignorant pacman longing.

Bless you and all who come to know you.

May all who seek truth find the same blessings.



What is the self?

What is this awake awareness?

Be free of the false body identity.

Self, every word I type to describe you, is both a betrayal and a hymn of love.

For no words can hold you, or do you justice.

The artist of my soul paints these words as a hymn of love. And also sings a song of apology, for the words can only represent and echo in form, of what is always formless appearing as (but not limited to) form.

May these words, these artworks and all expressions of this life, be in service to this truth, this living reality of the non-dual self.

Mind cannot resolve the paradox of the true self. I can only know this self that I am. Only I can know I am. 

Reader you and I share the same I, the same awareness. There is only awareness as the self.

Life is in me, but I am not in life. 

Thoughts are in me, I am not in thoughts. Body is in my, I am not in the body. Soul is in my, I am not in my soul. I am awareness. Body is not aware, only awareness is aware. Thoughts are not aware, only awareness is aware. Even soul is not aware, only awareness is aware. Awareness is non-dual, not two. 

Be careful not to believe that the self “creates” objects, it doesn’t. God in non-dual awareness creates the appearance of life, but not the substance, for indeed they have no solidity of their own. For all objects of creation, from the subtle objects of the mind and dreams, to the objects of the world, body, planet, cosmos, all only appear to be separate objects. So I cannot claim to have created something that is none other that what I am. I did not create me. I exist.

Objects appear in me, but I am not limited by objects or by their limitations. Their apparent forms, and apparent boundaries of separateness, are only that – apparent.

When the mind and soul has this knowledge this is enlightenment. Enlightened knowledge allows the mind and soul to access the miraculous experience of life.

I cannot find anything that I am not.

My body sits on a large boulder. My hand touches the rock beneath me and the rock touches me. In that apparent moment, the object and observer arise together. And I as the self am the fabric of both.

The rock and the experiencer of the rock are not two, they appear as two, but they are one in me, the absolute self, which is experienced by the body mind as peace, love, timelessness, and transcendence (though there is nothing to transcend).

The heart and mind register that I love myself as the rock and the human hand and that they are the same.

Awareness. Nondual, timeless awake presence of being. These words are the pointers to the self that you are.

These words are what point you to that same that I am.

Suicidal despair

What is an enlightened response to suicidal despair?


Hi Colleen i know all about enlightment.. from reading Ester and Jerry Hicks. Im in such a depth of despair through my own fault .. Its just hard to bring my self back into the now … i wanted to end it all early hours of sunday morning .. still here so i havnt .. but cannot shake this dreaded feeling..




Firstly let me say that many, many people have been there, are there and will be there – in that experience of deep despair, the kind that feels too heavy to carry on and can make life seem like a torturous, pointless burden.

I am sorry for your suffering. I too have experienced this many times in my early life, so it’s not something that only happens to a select unlucky few. Perhaps there will be some comfort in knowing this.

Despair can come from:
• believing a thought that is not true;
• body-mind chemistry (lack of nutritional support or chemical interference);
• carrying burdens from others including family ancestors;
• not getting what the ego wants (ego is always dissatisfied)
• and believing in a false separate self.

All of these have in common a root belief in something not true, OR ingesting something untrue.

When we focus on and ingest something that is not true, we experience heaviness and contraction in the nervous system.

Our nervous system is actually in service to tell us when we are focused on a truth. When we focus or ingest a truth our nervous system opens with lightness and the experience of freedom.

This is real enlightenment. The true knowledge that brings light to the darkness that lacks truth.

What has helped me immensely, and others when facing the storms of despair is to transform these types of deep contractions, into real openings, into enlightenment.

In fact, suffering can be made to be useful, when it takes us into questioning and wisdom. So don’t stop until you find the wisdom, truth and real seeing that lifts the pain, transforming it into opening.

Suffering shows us where there is a lack of truth, a lack of enlightenment.

So on that point, let’s look at the word enlightenment. I want to convey to you my meaning. The word “enlightenment” can be used in so many different ways.

How I use it, and other direct path teachers of nondual enlightenment like Rupert Spira, Adyashanti and Mooji, is to mean the freedom that comes to the heart, mind and gut when truth (true knowledge) replaces false (false knowledge).

I don’t mean it in the context of getting what we want from life, in fact true enlightenment frees us from the suffering of wanting itself.

The most painful of all false knowledge, is the belief in a false separate self, and all of the confusion and torturous thoughts that this false self-idea wields.

The false separate self is never satisfied and always wants more.

I am only vaguely familiar with the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks, but from what I do know, their message seems to be more about manifesting what we desire, (along the lines of the Secret) and so please know that I am using the word enlightenment, in a very very different way to what you are referring.

So when you say “I know all about enlightenment”, I’d like to lovingly suggest that you might not know about the enlightenment that I am referring too.

Nondual enlightenment actually frees us from chasing objects in a futile attempt to try to gain lasting happiness. By objects I mean ‘anything’ from others love, approval, respect, etc and objects like things in the world.

This “pacman” path is a roller coaster that old souls eventually get tired of and then its time for enlightenment, to be free of this dance.

Teachings like “The Secret” can in fact leave people feeling very sad, because of the belief taught that ‘personal thoughts create your reality’.

Then when well-meaning folks try to “create a better reality” for themselves and fail, they feel worse off. Like failures.

So just in case this is a factor for you, I’d suggest that you seriously question the limited false simplicity of the beliefs behind these teachings. They might serve in some ways, but can often result in very limited seeing and suffering.

We can think “Summer, summer, summer” all we like, and winter will still show up. To blame ourselves for winter, can be deeply harsh and unnecessary.

I cannot give you all of the knowledge needed to see what I am pointing to in one message, as this is a full and rich teaching, but I can offer you a possibility and love.

Ultimately, thoughts, feelings, personality all arise in you.

They are temporary, always.

They are the contents of you as awareness, but you are something free of the contents. Most do not know this. Most are not enlightened by this truth.

Very few even want to know this because real enlightenment is a dying process, we die to the false self. In fact,

I supported a lovely client once who was suicidal, she wanted to die, so I asked her “How could you die to everything that is causing you suffering, without ending your physical life?” – this might be a useful inquiry.

Enlightenment is about dying to everything false, to all the beliefs we have about being small little creatures on a little blue planet, fighting for scraps of love, peace and happiness.

Enlightenment is freedom from the mind, feelings and personality that are a part of the dance of life, sometimes in summer, sometimes in winter.

We find ourselves as the changeless, seasonless self, as nondual reality itself, in which all these plays of life rise and fall. This gives us back to ourselves.

We realise, we are what we were looking for so desperately. We are the love, peace and joy that we wanted through trying to get what the mind said it needed.

I know this can sound philosophical and abstract, I wish you could feel and know this. It’s as ordinary and as real as my hands typing this message to you now. I hope you will sense this in my message, and that this will open a door in your mind and heart to your true self.

So what then to do with the dreaded feeling?

It is natural to want to be free of this.

Freedom is our birth right. But ironically, as they say “what we resist persists”.

If you need help, find it, there is no shame in that. Drive to a hospital if you need to have a sanctuary.

Then when it seems right, whether with someone to help you or alone, love this sadness, as a divine mother loves a sad baby.

Don’t identify as the one that is sad, because this is not true.

See, feel and know yourself as the awareness, the sacred mother space that sadness has come to for truth and love.

Sadness belongs, it is a part of life, it is in you but you are not in it! Let it be there but don’t believe the thoughts that come with it.

It may help to remind yourself, “I am awareness” and sense that you indeed are aware. And you as awareness are currently aware of the feeling of deep despair. Be gentle with this process. Seek true seeing and true being. That is enlightenment.

And like Rumi, the enlightened Sufi poet said:

“This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
As an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.”

Seek real enlightenment. Seek the real you.

All love


The Psychic mind

QUESTION: How does it feel to access the psychic mind?



I wouldn’t call it a psychic mind, in my experience, the mind (which is really like a hard drive with software called thoughts) can actually interfere with clear accurate psychic abilities.

The mind’s function is to interpret and translate what we pick up via the senses and what we pick up intuitively.

For example, think of when we are trying to remember someone’s name. We feel or sense that the information is there, and then the mind helps to translate what we are already tuned-in to.  

So, I’ve discovered that the key to intuition and psychic abilities is actually simple, its Attention.

Whatever we put our attention on we are tuned into intuitively whether we know this consciously or not.

  • We can put our attention on any of the physical senses, like putting attention on ‘hearing’ and suddenly noticing more information about what we can hear, or putting attention on ‘seeing’ and suddenly being able to gather more knowledge about what we are seeing.
  • We can also put attention on our inner senses, on thoughts, on memories, on feelings etc.

So there isn’t a specific feeling that indicates that we are tuning-in intuitively.

This is why it takes a lot of practice and focus to learn to notice the difference between psychic information and ordinary day-to-day information gathering.

We are often tuning-in and feeling other people’s feelings for example, but not realising it. By placing our attention on others, we are always tuned-in to them, but most don’t know this and miss the subtle information that has become available.

By learning to consciously direct our attention we can also become conscious of the changes in the body and emotions that are linked to what we are tuned into. Then we can learn to help the mind to translate this information accurately without filtering or distorting.

Do you access psychic awareness randomly or by using a specific method?

Because we are all actually tuning-in intuitively most of the time, but simply not realising it, some discover their conscious intuition randomly, and others by trying out a method.

I first “bumped in to” psychic abilities randomly as a child and then went about slowly testing and refining this skill until I developed a methodology for myself.

This methodology helped me to consciously use my intuition, become better at translating and interpreting subtle intuitive insights and then even to teach many, many others over the decades.  

Whatever methodology you use, I feel it’s important to always include a way to remain discerning, because the mind often distorts and misinterprets raw intuitive data.

How did you first become aware of your psychic abilities?

My earliest stand out memory is from junior primary school when I discovered that a friend and I had shared the same dream. That was a significant clue for me that what we are is more than what the eyes can see.

This friend and I, Ann, played many telepathy games on the school playground, she would think of numbers and I would try to pick them up intuitively. We had a very successful level of accuracy.

As I kid I really thought innocently that I had discovered what I later learned was called “psychic abilities”.

In my teens I started doing intuitive readings, I wanted to test whether intuition and psychic abilities were real. After many years of testing and pushing this to the limit, I was satisfied that it was possible to access information beyond the traditional known limits of the human body.

I then spent the next 20 years researching and working with understanding why and how this was possible.

This became, at least for me, much more important than the abilities themselves. The fact that we can do this tells us something important about what we really are. That became the more interesting focus of my intuitive work for the past 20 years.

Do psychic abilities get stronger or weaker with age?

It depends on whether intuition is nurtured or neglected.

These are natural abilities, not only for the gifted few, but they need development and they need to be balanced by discernment and intellect.

The ego can easily hijack intuition and use it to reinforce superstition, fear or false beliefs.

Sadly, for most, they fade as they get older, but I’ve seen with many students that they can easily be rekindled and developed, no matter what the age.

If everyone is able to access their psychic mind why don’t we?

3 reasons: An ignorant mind, a dull mind or a restless mind.

  • Ignorance  – is simply not knowing that intuition and psychic abilities are possible for anyone. Ignorance is not understanding how this works and why. And ignorance makes space for fear and superstition, which are such a pity because psychic abilities and intuition are completely natural and can be a wonderful helpful skill in life.
  • A dull mind – means that even if someone is not ignorant, they will not be able to easily pick up on the subtle information coming to them naturally. The mind is like a muddy reflective surface, it doesn’t register what it’s reflecting. In Sanskrit (an ancient language that has a vocabulary for consciousness) this is called a Tamasic mind. Our minds can become Tamasic from tiredness, poor diet or from a lack of education (development of the intellect). Tamasic minds tend to interpret intuitive information in a distorted way, with a lot of fear and superstition.
  • A restless mind – means that even if someone is not ignorant, they will battle to focus for long enough to get enough of the information to complete their understanding, like seeing only a few pieces of the puzzle. They tend to get fragmented bits and pieces, instead of the complete picture. In Sanskrit, this is called a Rajasic mind. Our minds become Rajasic from stimulants, from poor diet or from being discontent. Rajasic minds tend to interpret intuitive information in a fragmented overly personalised way, with a lot of ego and desire filtering the information. 

What helps is to develop a clear intelligent educated mind.

That way, when we tune in intuitively, the mind translates accurately, without distortion or misinterpretation. In Sanskrit, this is called Sattvic.

We can develop a Sattvic mind by using our intellects, spending time in nature, practising mindfulness or meditation, appreciating beauty, bringing order and harmony to our environment (decluttering), eating in a way that helps the mind to stabilise.


Is it possible to learn how to access psychic mind?

Yes. It helps to develop a Sattvic mind (see above) and to learn more about intuition from a reliable teacher.

Look for a balance of grounded discernment and practical understanding. Pay attention to attention, and notice that you are already tuning in intuitively, it’s just a case of learning to do this consciously and learning to interpret and translate the information properly.   

The universe is like a cosmic scale library of knowledge.
This knowledge is available to anyone willing to learn to tune-in.  

How to use your intuition to search for spiritual truth

How to use your intuition to search for spiritual truth

Learn how to TUNE-IN intuitively to the truth that sets us free

Are you aware of the fact, that attention determines what we are tuned into?

Our nervous system responds to everything our attention is on. This determines the way our body and mind feels.

You might be familiar with how this works when using one of your 5 senses, but what if I told you that tuning in goes much further than the five physical senses.

Intuition, when used in a specific way, can become an essential tool, supporting non-dual self-realisation and enlightenment.

If I paint something on a canvas, I might focus so much on the objects that I’ve painted, that I forget about the canvas.

We use our intuition every day, mostly unconsciously, to tune in to the objects of awareness.  We miss awareness—which is like the canvas for the painting.

Tune in to the true self

Instead of using intuition to tune into objects, I recommend learning to tune into the self.  This can be tricky though, because the mind will likely try to direct your attention to yet another object, which it might again label as the “self”.

In fact, the very searching for the Self, indicates that you are looking for the self as an object in awareness, and have not yet understood that you are not an object and cannot be found as one.

Objects include thoughts, feelings, people, places, colours, sounds, sensory experiences, in summary, anything you can be aware of is an object—of your experience. Anything you can be aware of is an object of awareness.

We make the mistake of thinking and believing that what we are, is a separate object. All the while, we are pure awareness. All objects arise in awareness—from awareness and as awareness. The painting needs the canvas, the canvas does not need the painting.

Intuition can be a helpful ally, a skill used to explore the subtle seeing that is required to discern subject from object.

Because the mind is an object of and in awareness—it is impossible to use the mind to locate the self.

It’s like asking the words on a computer screen to tell you who you are. Asking your thoughts to tell you about you as awareness, is futile and frustrating.

Here are some of the key teachings that I offer my students with regards to developing their intuition for non-dual enlightenment.


#1 Turning our attention inwards

It can be helpful to begin by turning our attention away from the objects of the seemingly external world, of people and places and things, towards the apparent internal world, of feelings thoughts and the sense of “I”.

It is habit and interest that keeps attention fixed on apparently external objects.

Also, ignorance plays a role, many simply don’t know that there is more than objects. So because attention is fixed on apparently external objects, we tune-in intuitively, almost exclusively to objects—until we don’t.


#2 The Universe as a knowledge library 

Think of the Universe as a knowledge library.

All objects are like songs, playing their knowledge to the universe. 

This knowledge is not written in a human language. It is translated by the surface mind into human language.

This ‘knowledge’ is the very fabric of the object itself. You could say that all objects are made of knowledge—and are only knowledge.

When we focus attention on an object, we have access to the object which is a form of knowledge. We have access to its physical surface knowledge, which we see hear touch and taste. And whether we know it consciously or not, we have access to subtle knowledge, intuitive knowledge, the knowledge of the beingness of the object.

When we are tuned in intuitively, the song of the object plays inside of our nervous system—body and mind.

This is how we can feel what others are feeling—regardless of where they are or when they are.

Intuition proves to anyone willing to experiment, that what we are is unlimited. Intuition proves that there’s something inside of us that can reach beyond the boundaries and barriers of the physical body. 

It’s difficult to sustain the false belief of being a separate self, when you’ve proven to yourself that you can tune in intuitively to anything—anywhere—regardless of space and time.  

I’ve spent most of my life testing my intuition,  pushing its limits. So I know that it’s possible to tune in to anything, anywhere, anytime and gather accurate knowledge.

Because of this validation, I came to realize that the reason that this is made possible, is because what I am and what you are, is not separate—not limited. The non-dual self is unlimited. 

Sensations in my left hand, cannot be known to my right hand. They can only both be known to me because both hands are songs of knowledge in me.

You can place attention on a tree and know the song of the tree. But most people are tuned in to their minds and miss the tree. 

#3 Attention and Intention are functions in awareness

Attention is a function that arises in awareness.  Its job is to focus on the knowledge of objects so that we can harvest this knowledge. 

  • Intention (not desire), is a function that arises in awareness, it is the shepherd of attention, the conductor. It guides attention to the objects that we are interested in.
  • Intention is silent. It is like a quiet decision. It is not limited to the physical barriers that the body and the mind are subject to you.
  • Attention is silent. Guided by silent intention it can tune-in to any object, regardless of the barriers of space and time. Attention is not limited to the physical limitations of the body and personalized mind.

This can be tested and validated in ordinary experience. Therefore intention and attention belong to something that is unlimited.

Attention and Intention are still subtle objects in awareness because you as awareness are aware of them. 

#4 Most people don’t know that they are tuning in 

Most are not aware of attention and intention, most are not aware that they are tuning in to the object of awareness—harvesting knowledge.

To become conscious, we must develop intuition in a particular way, so that we can directly access the truth of the non-dual unlimited self.

You must be something unlimited if you are capable of accessing knowledge that is beyond the limitations of your physical body and mind. If you were truly separate—locked into the limited body and mind—it would be impossible to access information outside of your physical boundaries.

But every day, people intuit things that are beyond their physical boundaries. They feel and sense much more than what their 5 senses can access. 


#5 How to use your intuition to access the non-dual true self

Once you’re able to use your intuition, to guide your attention with intention, to consciously tune in to the knowledge of objects—you can now use your intuition to help you to find and explore the ground of your being. To do this it is necessary to rest attention in its source—which is you as pure awareness.

  • Attention rises in awareness to tune-in to the objects of awareness. Awareness uses attention and intention to know the world.
  • Awareness uses attention and intention to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, to partake of the physical universe.   

After their journey of eating of the tree of knowledge, eating the objects of apparent duality, attention and intention are called home.

Now, instead of the mind-body only tuning into the songs of objects, mind-body can tune into the song of the non-dual self.

When the song of the non-dual self, plays through the nervous system, it is a song of Peace Love and Joy. Of Sat-Chit-Ananda. A Sanskrit phrase for the non-dual self.

In this way, intuition can be used to find the true self, to realize ones non-dual reality, embody this in the nervous system—to live this.

Closing Message

I’m aware that this work can feel complex and even confusing at first. If this interests you, then please be patient with your mind, work with one idea at a time, tune-in to it, experiment with it. 

I am forever grateful that life gave me clear intuitive skills and a highly discerning mind.  Intuitive skills revealed that there was indeed more to life than what met the eye. A discerning mind pushed, tested and drove my intense hunger to find the truth.

Like the river finding the ocean, intuition led me home. I’m very happy to assist others who seek the same. 



The cage that held my heart was made of fear. I thought that it was a good thing. I thought that it would protect me from harsh words and pain. I thought that “they” built it, I forgot that I built it to be my mask, the mask that would make me acceptable, likeable and a good citizen.

The sun rose and the sun set and I measured my worth by how much I had been fed, how much food I had saved for tomorrow and how beautiful my clipped wings were today.
The sun rose and the sun set and I reasoned that I must be happy because I was safe, warm and breathing.

A dark & stormy night arrived and the lightening we were taught to fear shattered my world. The fire that swallowed my home and stole my beauty had left me till last. It ate into my cage and gave me the power of choice. I could choose to be devoured or I could choose to command my paralyzed body into the darkness of the unknown. I chose darkness.

My New World, beyond the ashes, taught me hard lessons and often I longed for the comfort of my cage. But the beauty of this greater world nurtured my hunger and soothed my tired wings that were still too clipped to fly.

The sun rose and the sun set and I measured my worth, neither by the lack of beauty of my retarded wings nor by the lack of food in my belly. I found my worth in the one thing the fire could not take, could not scorch. This was the gift of the fire; it found the part of me that was hidden behind a cage of illusion, it was there all along waiting to be remembered.

Just when the days of suffering and longing felt like a burden too great, a grand bird flew in (just as he agreed he would do in a time long forgotten). I learned to fly again. Now as the sun rises and the sun sets for the world below me, I choose whether it will rise and set for me. The horizon that once cruelly teased my clipped wings now bends to my will as I fly. My shadow still returns when I touch the ground, as this I have learned is the way of this world.
In the highest places I have found a New World, a world where even the sun does not set, but where it burns from the heart of an eternal day. You may wonder what keeps a bird such as this, which knows the bliss of eternal day coming back to a world of shadows, and I’ll tell you. It is the music he hears. The sweet music of a million hearts still in cages calling for freedom.

As natural as it is for a bird to want to fly, so does your heart ache to be free to experience the greatness of who you really are.

This Love

This love that holds my tears
and sings my human song.
This love that loves fear and courage equally.
This love that is medicine to all heart break because it loves without exclusion.
This love that bends not
and does not shrink back ever.
This love that has been my teacher,
my friend, my unknown master.
To this love I bow, I have searched for you and found you looking,
not for me, but as me, as the true I.
This love. May all beings know this love.
~ Colleen-Joy ~

The Dreamer

The Dreamer
by Colleen-Joy Page

I dreamt of a dream, a dream that lasted a lifetime.
I dreamt of a dream, a dream I died for to be mine.
It began with pain and ended the same
… and all the while I forgot that I was sleeping.

I dreamt of blue-sky and water reflecting.
Of children laughing and people bleeding.
I dreamt this dream and felt it in my veins,
Bleeding into a heart so real that I forgot I was sleeping.

I sang tears and cried songs, I felt the centre of peace
And lost it again in the circumference of fear.
I was child, I was crone, I was wise, I was ignorant.
I was human while my God self slept.

And then I woke within the dream and pulled sleep from my eyes,
To see a world of beings of light cloaked in darkness.
Blinded the sightless seeking the horizon through windows that blink.
I dreamt this dream and felt it seduce me with its intensity and volume.
But I would not let it steal the Dreamer.

The Dreamer whispers, “Wake and rise to the full stature of your being.
Toss off these garments that bind the soul to its island of flesh.
Reach past the corridors of your mind to journey, to touch the mind of God.
Trust not the deception of your eyes though they serve you in your quest for definition.
Trust rather the one who looks through your eyes though they be closed or blinded.
Forget Me Not For I am all that I am, and I am you!

I am the Dreamer whispering through the dreamed – though you may silence me.
And though you may forget Me we are all that is and all that will ever be.
Let not the dreamed make the dreamer less real or less worthy for we serve each other
One standing before the mirror, the other standing behind”

“So let us walk together in this dreamscape and dream a dream of wonder.
Let us walk two worlds and yet be one. The one who lives on tides of air,
The other whose out-breath is creation and whose in-breath is going home.
Let us see this dream to its end, remembering that we have dreamed before and will dream again.

Remembering that it is us who creates the dream or the nightmare as we choose.
What dream do you choose? Live lucidly as you were born to.
Grow miracles in your heart and rainbow bridges from your mind.
Be the dreamer and the dreamed, the centre and the circumference, body and soul.”
I dreamt of a dream that lasted an eternity.

It began with joy and ended in joy and all the while I knew that I was being.

How ignorance causes suffering

How ignorance causes suffering

How Attention through the Lens of Ignorance Distorts and Causes Suffering

(Transcribed from live Satsang talk on a non-dual understanding of suffering.) 

Take a moment to imagine, that everything is information.

Everything is consciousness, everything is another word we can say is knowledge.

Everything is information, knowledge, consciousness. And all of this information, is arranged in a continuum from ignorance to truth and basically, that this pure knowledge, a pure knowledge of truth, a pure knowledge the highest knowledge is distorted under ignorance and expresses in our life’s as what we might call darkness.

You know, darkness is a symbol for ignorance. Because it is simply, a lack of light, darkness is not an equal opposing force, it doesn’t try to fight the light when we have dark room and a light room and we open the door in between, the light simply floods, into the empty space that is darkness. And the same is true in their own life’s, in our bodies, in our minds.

Wherever there is ignorance, there is darkness.

There is a lack, there is the perceived emptiness and when we start to tune into truth, when we start to discover truth, when we start to download (laughter) the information of truth and knowledge of truth.

That can be experienced as something leaving us something being taken out, something transformed, something healed, there is different ways to express it but, really, what is happening is that ignorance is leaving and what is actually happening is that we are being filled with truth.

So, things that used to serve us, things that when we were under ignorance, that were very much a part of the play of ignorance, the life expression of living, believing in separateness, believing in false.

That starts to be removed, transformed, and healed as truth takes its place.

Truth is medicinal in that, in that sense it is has a healing power, it has transformation, and simply through our intention to focus on the truth to discover the truth, to see beyond the surface mind and the surface mind very much as a product of ignorance.

I am saying collective ignorance not personal ignorance. It is felt personally but, is very much also an expression of life. That, ignorance is very much in the fabric of physical reality.

So this continuum, of ignorance and truth is expressed as duality. I mean duality, apparent duality, or apparent opposites can only exist because of ignorance. Ignorance has to be in play, in order for duality to even appear.

For there to be dark and light for example, there needs to be duality. For there to be up and down there needs to be duality. So, the knowledge of the information of ignorance, keeps duality in existence.

As we discover the truth, as we start to focus attention on the truth, truth then becomes downloaded into the mind and into the body and into the very being. And then, what happens is that, the body- mind expression starts to embody knowledge of non-duality.

Knowledge of the truth, which is transcendent even isn’t the right word but, it encompasses duality, but it is in itself not dual. It is beyond all opposites and it is the truth that, collapses all duality.

Now, I know this sounds terribly philosophical and terribly abstract, so I’ll attempt to give you examples and help you to understand this in how it expresses in real life.

Ignorance can take something like love. Love in its non-dual form, love in its true form is universal, it is equal, it doesn’t discriminate and like the sunshine, it doesn’t choose where to place itself. It doesn’t hold itself back, it doesn’t it’s totally free and totally all-encompassing, it is not exclusive. It is wholeness itself.

Love is very much an embodiment of being, it is non-duality and it is truth completely and totally.

So, love doesn’t feel differently from one thing to the next, it doesn’t have conditions placed on it. So, let’s take that love in its non-dual true expression is totally unbound and unconditioned. Whereas, love under ignorance, love as it is experienced by person who is very much bound by ignorance.

They experience love, as conditional. This is both within the self and within relationships. So then it is, I will only love myself if I will only love myself if I am a good person. I will only love myself if I do things the right way. I will only love myself if I look a certain way.

You know, humans, it is our nature to condition and to bind love. So love is expressed, but under ignorance love is expressed and experienced, in a distorted way and it leads to suffering. We get tastes of true love under ignorance, love, even becomes a source of suffering under ignorance.

So, conditional love is, I will only love myself if, I will only love others if, I will only love life if, and there are demands, that are placed on love. Now, you can almost tell that these demands are very much beliefs.

They are from the mind, the mind dictates and it says this is belief or it’s says a thought and we believe the thought and because of the thought and the belief in the thought, we hold back love. We hold back the flow of love and that causes the suffering.

But, from a non-dual perspective and from the place of truth, from the seeing from the truth that collapses. That duality collapses and then love expresses itself and it heals.

So, where there was a heart, that was holding back love and not able to experience its wholeness. Now truth, by focusing on the truth, there is a healing that happens in heart and suddenly where there was lack and darkness and emptiness in a painful way, now there is fullness and wholeness and love.

Very, very practical example, let’s say that, somebody has an argument with somebody else, and they look through the lens of the mind, which means that, they’re looking at it through ignorance.

So, if they looking at this argument and this person through the lens of ignorance, what happens is, that the person attempts to not love any more. There is this a holding back of love and there is this belief that love makes us vulnerable.

There is perhaps beliefs that, there should be justice here, there is beliefs that, this person has done us wrong. You know, I am painting all different kinds of scenarios, for different situations and for different personalities, but ultimately underneath something is happening and love wants to express, the truth is there, but now is distorted through ignorance and therefore, the person attempts to shut down love.

The moment they do that, the heart falls under ignorance and that is experienced as deep pain.

Let’s say, the person then sat to contemplate or meditate or coach themselves and they enquired, and they wanted to look deeper, then the surface mind, they wanted to look for truth.

Truth might arise in that moment as feeling and knowing that they still love the person and funny enough, this doesn’t mean that they necessarily, include the person in their lives. It doesn’t mean that, justice must still not be carried out, that laws must be followed, or anything in terms of the physical life and functional life. But underneath, underneath the truth, would be felt and that truth heals.

So, for example, the person might suddenly realise: ‘I actually do feel love for this person,’ the person still belongs in my heart, and they still belong in life.’

There is still acceptance, of the person as equal and not as less and not as trying to push the person out of life and out of belonging. And then that heals and that deep truth, ‘I still love this person, even though I choose not to be with this person. ‘I still love this person, even though justice must still be done here.

I still love this person, even if I say no.

Even if I say yes, I still love this person and this love is equal and inclusive.’ And that, sounds to the mind like a completely crazy thing to do. Because the mind, distorted under ignorance is going to want to punish, it’s going to want to exclude, it’s going to want to create separation but, the truth will heal that person’s heart and love then can flow. And this is because the non-dual perspective or the true perspective has removed the thorn of ignorance. Has removed the wall built by ignorance and therefore, now healing can take place.

Are you being Spiritual?

What does it mean to “be spiritual”? Is it spiritual to fight? Is there even such a thing as being “spiritual”? This is an important topic that might ruffle some ego feathers, so be warned.

When we say “I’m being spiritual” or “That’s not a very spiritual thing to do?” we may believe that we are helping ourselves or others, to get to some destination called ‘spiritual’ – but if you follow the logic of truth, then this type of belief is seen for what it is, just another belief… and one that can completely block true perception, and cause painful destruction in your life.

The true self, as ordinary awareness, is not a flag in the sand. It is not: “I am this point of view”.

When we take ourselves as a position, as a point of view, we limit our perception to that point of view. This is ego at its best. This is its Maya dance – to turn a point of view into an identity. A point of view, is merely that, a point of view. You are not a point of view.
This is ego at its best.

This is its Maya dance – to turn a point of view into an identity. A point of view, is merely that, a point of view. You are not a point of view.

Well-meaning folks, a past younger version of my mind included, would agonise over what the ‘spiritual’ response to life events should be. When a friend stole from me many years ago, and when my spiritual ego identity was still intact, I laboured for days with – “It’s not spiritual to be angry!” I would berate myself.

“Aren’t I supposed to love her unconditionally and accept her?”, “What should I do now?” These where questions that tortured my nervous system.

When a lover broke his promises, and lied, again there it was the spiritual identity chiming and hurting my body with: “This was obviously our soul’s agreement, so I should just be spiritual about this, and respond with kindness and love”.

Brace yourself – this is tough love truth. The spiritual identity that feeds these thoughts and gives them power is the issue. Ego is mask. Any mask. Even one we call ‘spiritual’ is a mask. Not true, merely covering what is true.

Ego is mask. Any mask. Even one we call ‘spiritual’ is a mask. Not true, merely covering what is true.

This is where real enlightenment can seem completely at odds with spiritual idealised fantasy. Many spiritual seekers have an idea of what enlightened spiritual people are meant to look like, sound like and how they are supposed to act.

Then to reach this special destination or to ‘be the one who is enlightened’, ego hijacks an image of ‘spiritual’ or ‘enlightened’ and emulates this.

That is not to say that people should not live good, clean lives, life works tirelessly through karma to teach the soul ‘right action’. But ‘trying to be good’, and ‘trying to act spiritual are poisons’. “Trying is lying”, as my business partner Chantel says.

Ego is always acting. Always pretending. Ego is self-image – an image is not real, it’s an image. An idea. A point of view, a concept. It has no weight, no substance, no reality. It is a projection of the mind that veils the true. And so, ironically, folks with a spiritual identity are as ego driven and ignorant as anyone with a false identity. “I am spiritual” is as false as “I am not spiritual”.

The true ‘I’ cannot wear the clothes of the ego, does not mould itself to any imagined shape or idea. The true, ordinary, non-dual awareness, is not held captive by the mind. Like a screen is not touched by a movie no matter how lovely or ugly the scene, no matter how we dress the characters.

Spiritual looking and sounding characters are as illusionary as the burger eating, beer drinking materialistic character on the screen. All identities are concepts, not real. They are projected by the mind on the screen of consciousness. Consciousness is unmoved by the movie.

Spiritual looking and sounding characters are as much of an illusion as the burger eating, beer drinking materialistic character on the screen of consciousness. All identities are false.

Now that being said, setting aside that metaphor for now, let’s look at life and what the “true” response is or rather, where it is sourced. Life operates according to its own innate intelligence. And it does so automatically.

Birds fly, eyelashes grow, personality flowers, mind matures, souls evolve – these are all a part of the dance of life. And life looks after itself. It has laws and innate intelligence. This is the role of divinity. There is this great, awe-inspiring innate, automatic, intelligence, moving galaxies and causing feelings and thoughts to arise.

When the mind is shrouded by ignorance of the true self, and therefore is hypnotised by the false ego movie identity of “I am spiritual” (or any other identity) suffering ensues. Also, life’s spontaneous, intuitive and true movement is blocked and distorted by this ignorance.

So when ‘friend steals your money’, or ‘lover lies’, or dharma (the natural laws of life) is breached, there is always a spontaneous, wise and true response available in that moment.

This spontaneous, wise and true response cannot happen if the ego mind is puppeteer and pulling strings. These strings will sound like thoughts about trying to be spiritual, and will feel in the heart like inner conflict and suffering.

When dharma (the natural laws of life) is breached, there is always a spontaneous, wise and true response available in that moment.

The Dharma field, which is life, is free of desire and fear (which is born of ignorance and ego) and it will move as your body and feelings, it’s movement is perfect and innocent when free false identity.

When the false identity is in charge, the movement is painful, causes division, breaks families apart, leads to feeling lost and triggers suffering. Ironically false identity causes a break in dharma, even “spiritual identity”. A true dharma response to a break in dharma, could also look like something very “nonspiritual”.

I am reminded of how in the Bhagavad Gita Krishna commands Arjuna to pick up his sword and fight in the war. Arjuna doesn’t want to fight, and lays down his sword. He doesn’t want to go to war with his cousins and family.

Krishna has to reveal the truth of his nature, as non-dual awareness in order for Arjuna to accept his dharma and fight a truly righteous war. I love this example because “war” is labelled as so “nonspiritual” to the spiritual ego. This makes me think of how so many minds, held prisoner by a spiritual identity wear masks of polite love, and block appropriate wise “right action”.

Here is a translated quote of Krishna telling Arjuna to go to war.

“And even considering your personal dharma as well, it is not right for you to hesitate. There is nothing better for a warrior than a fight based on dharma.” (Bg. 2.31) The Bhagavad Gita

We feel it when dharma is breached. Dishonesty. Theft. Taking what is not ours. Ill-gotten gain. People taking the wrong places in a family structure – pretending to be parents when they are not, etc. These breaches of Dharma have karmic consequences.

Life looks after this through the Dharma field. The body and the mind are woven from the fabric of the Dharma field. There is an appropriate dharma aligned response to life. No one can tell you what that is, or anticipate in advance what that will be.

Mind has no dominion here. Self-honesty, maturity and wisdom are required for life move with dharma. And it this movement is always love. But this love does not look like the cliché spiritual identity image.

This love can rage with a fierce grace to restore dharma. This love can move like Kali the destroyer of worlds. This love can also bow in acceptance and let go. This love can laugh like a child, work hard to pay bills, and do its duty with dignity. This love can move to help with such tender gentleness, and it can equally can move to pick up its sword and fight.

This love moves cleanly, without arrogance, and is not driven by personal fear or desire. Ego is always hungry, it always wants for itself. It’s always defending itself and attacking others. This is not ego. It is different, entirely. It is impersonal love and impersonal war.

If you want to know if an action is born of ignorant ego, or if it is life’s dharma field moving appropriately, look and feel honestly in your body. The body is very sensitive to dharma. We feel closed when we move against life.

We feel open when we move with life. Even anger, sadness, even wielding a sword of truth can be an open movement of clean, wise dharma.

This is not an excuse for breaking dharma. This is not a get out of jail free card for the ego to hijack another truth and use it to cause more suffering. This is an invitation to spot the tricky fox of the ignorant ego-mind, as it builds its false images of self.

These self-images are the false idols warned of in the old testament – and a spiritual self-image is still that, a mirage, an image.

This is Maya’s game in the ancient teachings of Vedanta, where God’s powers of veiling and projection are given to the soul, that it might experience apparently be in the life that it is. Until it’s time, until the soul is mature. Ready to break open like a seed.

To liberate the mind with the truth. To see “ah – I am NO image. I am that I am, non-dual, ordinary, action-less awareness. Life happens in me, and life oversees life. Life flows through and as my soul, body and mind. May my mind be illumined by the truth, and be set free of all false identities.”

Here spiritual and physical collapse as mere concepts in the mind. Sand castles built on the seashore by the ancient child mind at play. There is only awareness. There is no person. Beware my friends of the “spiritual identity”, it is amongst the trickiest of tricksters. It uses the appearance of truth and distorts it to keep your mind in prison and poisoned.

When free of the false spiritual identity, we are free of the mind, heart fills with love, peace and deep acceptance. We leave all outcomes to life, and when its time, we pick up our dharma swords and we fight.~

Colleen-Joy ~ Enlightened Apple Tree.

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