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First, we look at your reasons for taking this path. A reason, a “Why” helps to build sincerity and earnestness.

The path of non-dual enlightenment for many is the prize of all lifetimes. But it can be difficult, and often requires courage and determination. This is why it’s important to be supported by a teacher, teaching and community that resonates with you and offers loving compassion. 

In this teaching, we focus on the reasons to pursue enlightenment and the readiness, how to prepare best for this path.

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This teaching lesson focuses on the Knowlege that supports the path to non-dual enlightenment. Click the links below to enrol for these lessons. 


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Are you experiencing the suffering of a Soul Winter or the seeking of a Soul Autumn? The spiritual awakening of a Soul Spring or the enlightenment of a Soul Summer? This helpful infographic-style PDF guide includes guided meditation guidelines and teachings for each season of the soul.

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