When seeking answers to questions like, “What is the body?”, “What is the mind?”, “What is the soul?” and how it this different to the non-dual self? it can be confusing.

Here are some non-dual insights to assist.


What is body?

What is this small universe that I see in the mirror?

Be free of the false body identity.

Oh how I love this colony of life forms. All dancing, dying and living as a small universe of life. Body, I’m sorry that I thought you were mine.

I’m sorry that I cried over your shape and your struggle to exist.

I’m sorry that I took you so personally, hated you, adorned you, and used you to hunt for approval.
I’m sorry I saw you as a separate thing. A fragile thing. A broken thing. An ugly thing. An object to perfect, to possess. I’m sorry. But I carry no guilt, for I know that you and my soul were born for each other. I’m so glad you met and fell in love.

Thank you for serving me in this expression of life. To have the privilege of bleeding, birthing, bathing and being in the world that is in me.

Thank you for your innocence. For working tirelessly to exist in this cosmic dance of life.

Body, you belong to life. 

I know you now and always as the play of life, appearing in my delight and discovery. I know you as the formless, the same as the one true self.

I thought you were solid, a burden, a prison, and now I cannot find the edge of you, I only find you as love, and I recognize that love as me.

You are a miracle, no less than the stars and the cosmos that birthed you.


What is mind?
What is this hall of mirrors that become windows?

Be free of the false identity of mind.

Mind, how we have played you and I?

Games of lost and found. Games of magician and audience.

Hello old friend. How I have enjoyed your movies of madness, your songs of seeking and your photo albums of so many lifetimes.

I see now that you exist to hold this figment of my imagination into focus. So that I might be entertained by the virtual projections of light and dark that you label as life.

I cannot find that you are anywhere but inside of me, a whisper, a ghost of echoes of past and dreams of tomorrow. You were my great trickster teacher, in all your ancient glory as the move maker of god.

I find you now, as you truly are. And see your innocence also.

Your function is woven into the very fabric of the cosmic dance of life. For it to dance, you exist.

Your tapestry of illusion had my soul intoxicated for eons. It’s been a ride. A magic carpet ride. To have believed you, was to believe in your story weaving, spell of dreams.

The nightmares were the price of the fairytales. I see how you always take the form of two, you are duality itself.

You never dance only in the light, but always in its shadow also. This is the nature of you. Your function. To give each up a down. And each in an out. The maze builder, wall builder, master illusionist. Mind. 

Oh my trickster software mind, my personalized search engine and operating system, made from the ancient coding, by god, the holy code master.

I’ve enjoyed seeing you upgraded, enhanced and have loved your translation function. Thank you for helping bring to this form, the formless truth.

Though your limitations have been challenging, and your spell intoxicating, now you are a gift. Illuminated by the code of truth, you no longer have the power to crucify my heart.

Your veiling and projecting is dazzling, but I see through you now and am not held captive by you.

Like a window that was muddy, you were cleaned by grace.

I first thought that you held me captive, but then found that you could not contain or touch me. Now you play your movies and I see them, but I have fallen in love with reality and movies just aren’t that interesting anymore. It’s been a ride.


What is soul?
What is this traveler who came to kiss my cheek and illuminate my mind with liberating truth?

Look into the mirror of the soul and see through soul eyes, then realise you are even free of this seeing.

Soul, I gave you many names. You were my mysterious invisible friend, when my young child heart broke a thousand times under the weight of ignorance.

You came to show me that I was not flesh. That I could not die. That the mystery and magic were real.

You showed me that I was not in a prison of mind or skin, that I was something free. Free to know any place, and space and time. That with your help I could tune in to the songs of all life, that distance, time and space were not my master.

Dear friend, beloved, sat guru, all truth, all gifts have been yours to give. My love for you is matched only by my gratitude.

Thank you for enduring countless body deaths, that you might ripen to be able to open like a soul flower to the sunlight of the source.

Thank you for being the clear, luminous mirror that like the moon reflects the sunlight, you cast your presence over this body mind and helped me find my way in the darkest of nights.

My heart still weeps at the thought of what a treasure you are. Thank god for this soul, for its beauty, its intimate radiant silent friendship.

Oh traveler, eternal wander, what jewels of knowledge you have gathered in your quests. How you have endured the pain of breaking gods laws of dharma to then ripen in the karmic chains and sting of life’s whiplash.

I see now that you are the nearest to me as formlessness. A miracle gift of life, to make sure that we’d never get lost for long, in this play of creation.

My body-mind saw through your eyes and knew home.

You showed me that it was possible to tune in to all songs of life, and to harvest knowledge from any time, any place, any space.

You were leading me on the path to the greatest of all treasures. To know that I am the knower of knowledge, and you are the knowledge bearer and mirror to the self.

May you find rest now, having being born of god to travel the universe and live countless births and deaths, to become the clear radiant mirror of the self.

Loved soul, beloved, this life is yours. As you are the custodian of gods will, now purified by truth, untainted by personal ignorant pacman longing.

Bless you and all who come to know you.

May all who seek truth find the same blessings.



What is the self?

What is this awake awareness?

Be free of the false body identity.

Self, every word I type to describe you, is both a betrayal and a hymn of love.

For no words can hold you, or do you justice.

The artist of my soul paints these words as a hymn of love. And also sings a song of apology, for the words can only represent and echo in form, of what is always formless appearing as (but not limited to) form.

May these words, these artworks and all expressions of this life, be in service to this truth, this living reality of the non-dual self.

Mind cannot resolve the paradox of the true self. I can only know this self that I am. Only I can know I am. 

Reader you and I share the same I, the same awareness. There is only awareness as the self.

Life is in me, but I am not in life. 

Thoughts are in me, I am not in thoughts. Body is in my, I am not in the body. Soul is in my, I am not in my soul. I am awareness. Body is not aware, only awareness is aware. Thoughts are not aware, only awareness is aware. Even soul is not aware, only awareness is aware. Awareness is non-dual, not two. 

Be careful not to believe that the self “creates” objects, it doesn’t. God in non-dual awareness creates the appearance of life, but not the substance, for indeed they have no solidity of their own. For all objects of creation, from the subtle objects of the mind and dreams, to the objects of the world, body, planet, cosmos, all only appear to be separate objects. So I cannot claim to have created something that is none other that what I am. I did not create me. I exist.

Objects appear in me, but I am not limited by objects or by their limitations. Their apparent forms, and apparent boundaries of separateness, are only that – apparent.

When the mind and soul has this knowledge this is enlightenment. Enlightened knowledge allows the mind and soul to access the miraculous experience of life.

I cannot find anything that I am not.

My body sits on a large boulder. My hand touches the rock beneath me and the rock touches me. In that apparent moment, the object and observer arise together. And I as the self am the fabric of both.

The rock and the experiencer of the rock are not two, they appear as two, but they are one in me, the absolute self, which is experienced by the body mind as peace, love, timelessness, and transcendence (though there is nothing to transcend).

The heart and mind register that I love myself as the rock and the human hand and that they are the same.

Awareness. Nondual, timeless awake presence of being. These words are the pointers to the self that you are.

These words are what point you to that same that I am.

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