Spiritual Enlightenment is your Soul’s Summer.

This is a love letter from the self, to the self in gratitude. 

You that are nowhere, no place, ever present, unchanging self.

It is you that I love in all your wondrous forms, your light show of life.

How I longed for you. How I looked for you, even without knowing what I was looking for.

Thank you suffering for driving me on. Thank you intuition for being the compass that always points the seeker home to the true self.

How life shattered by personal world, and in its place you gave me back to myself as reality itself.

How you drew me from slumber, and shook me awake when I drifted off to sleep again and again, so many times.

I that is you, you that is I.

And so in the eternal ever present now, the emptiness of this space, that I found as you, the self, is filled with love. And so the objects that I once took as being separate, the body, the mind that I took as personal, have all returned home (where they never left) and are seen for what they are, transparent, luminous, non-dual self.

Only love.

Love as life, appearing to move, and yet really is deeply still.

Appearing in time and space, and yet timeless and spaceless.

Appearing miraculously as separate people and objects and yet all are the non-dual ordinary awareness self.

Enlightenment, just a word.

A word that minds project ideas of separate selves onto. A word that minds project specialness and achievement onto. A word that therefore can veil the truth that it is meant to point towards.

That you are already all that which you seek. Already whole. Already enlightened.

Nothing to attain and no person left to claim the attainment.

Reader, must I meet you where you think you are or where you truly are?

If you think you are a person, then must I tell you that the person becomes enlightened, even though from the unlimited seeing of awareness, there are no people, only non-dual unbroken wholeness.

Or can I have the blessed privilege of speaking to you as the self, as what I know I am. And will you meet me there?

Will you trust what your eyes see, or rather what your heart knows.

For the heart knows there is no separate self. It knows that through love.

When you feel love, is it not true that all apparent boundaries melt away. “We” is felt as one, in the light of love.

You are that love.

Don’t let the mind trick you into believing that love is to be attained, earned or acquired.

Take courage from the whispers of your heart, from your knowing.

For you are the heart. You are knowing itself.

And you are love, undivided, whole and non-dual.

Enlightenment is the natural process, where the ancient mind transforms from its appearance as a wall, into a window that opens. So that you might see yourself as you truly are. The boundless self.

The embodiment of this seeing, into the knowledge of the body, transforming suffering and fear, limitation and limited seeing is spiritual enlightenment.

I once though that I as Colleen was seeking something greater, something unknown to me.

How wonderful to discover that I as the self was hollowing out Colleen so that I could experience life as myself uninhibited, undivided as pure love.


Who is non-dual spiritual enlightenment for?

Enlightenment is not just for beautiful saints in robes and sandals, enlightenment is for any heart with a hunger for truth and freedom. Anyone willing to find and use the ladder of knowledge to get out of the mind-maze to realize the true self.

Dear Self, this path requires courage.

It takes courage at first to climb out of the maze, to stand alone above the walls of the mind and leave the story of the maze-self behind.

When you look around you, you might notice that there may be very few people who even want to climb. So take courage dear heart. 

Find the deep and sincere “yes” from the very core of you.

This path requires inner work.

It takes work to climb, to seek, to put attention on the path to the truth. Not everyone wants the truth. Thank you for wanting the truth. 

Some are happy to live in the maze. And this is also fine with the sky. Thank you open true self-has for having enough space for any number of mazes.

May grace give you the courage and strength work to climb back up and down the ladder, to bring the fruit of the sky home, to transform, heal and open the maze of the mind.

Here are guided meditations to help you with the inner work needed to climb out of the maze of ignorance. 

Is knowing the true self enough?

It is not enough to know that the self is pure open awareness. Each heart is asked by life to gift this truth to the body, and mind. This is living enlightenment.  

When your soul is in its summer, it lives reflecting and radiating the light of the true self, this is spiritual enlightenment lived.

The true self as pure awareness is reflected in the mirror of your mind. 

Picture walking on the beach on a clear day. The water from the waves has left puddles of reflective light on the sand.

You stand near to a puddle and see the sun, perfectly reflected in the water.

You look up to the beach in the distance and see there is another person far away looking into a puddle at their feet.

You both see the sun.

They might say, “I am seeing the sun.”

And you can also say, “I am seeing the sun.”

The same sun is reflected in many places, giving each individual their own personalised view of the same light.

Some puddles might reflect clearly, others might be dull or rippled, but the same light is reflected. 

Just so, the true self as pure non-dual awareness is the light reflected in the many individualised minds and souls of all of the many beings that exist.

Some minds are clear and reflect the light accurately. Some minds are dull or moving too much to radiate the light well. But all are reflections of the same self, of you the beloved. 

In spiritual enlightenment, when the Summer of the Soul is at its peak, the mind is clear and mature enough to reflect the light of the true self, of pure awareness accurately and clearly.

This little puddle, this soul and its mind, can then finally serve life by being an individualised source of clear light. 

You dear self, you are the sunlight calling to all puddles. You are non-dual awareness.

And reader, your individual mind-soul-body is the puddle.

Our souls and their body-minds are working to become a clearer reflections, so that life can serve life at the highest.

I wish this for you, with love


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